AceProbe Technologies

14 Nov

AceProbe has been diligently working towards its mission to develop genetic solutions that are evolving as paradigms for futuristic medicine in their role for comprehensive disease detection and informed treatment, ushering in a new era of predictive, preventative and affordable health care.

The company continues to support healthcare providers with its expertise and knowledgebase to go genetic. While leading the way in genetic analysis, promoting early disease detection and supporting physicians achieve optimal dosing of critical medications, the AceProbe team thrives on its passion to deliver and evolve as a pioneer in the field of biomarker exploration and validation.

AceProbe solutions include customized, validated assays and panels to support Cardiology, Oncology, Infectious Diseases & Nutrition amongst others that are in its expansion portfolio.

The AceProbe Difference

Pharmacogenomics- a study involving research in genetics, has since long inspiring drug makers to design and develop therapies to suit specific needs of an individual and is increasingly becoming essential for the physicians worldwide who have been thriving to provide better healthcare for their patients.

AceProbe has developed its proprietary – Personalized Genetic Solutions (PGx®)  that identify a patient’s predisposition to major diseases and other therapeutic considerations which can improve treatment outcomes and quality of life. Our initial solutions have focused upon enhancing the safety and effectiveness of anticoagulation drugs, including two of the world’s most widely prescribed medications for patients at risk of stroke and other serious circulatory problems.

These unique and cost effective tests help in significantly reducing adverse effects and other events in patients who could benefit from dosage adjustments or alternative therapies.

At AceProbe we offer, personalised genetics solutions in the field of Oncology, Cardiology, Infectious Diseases, Pre-Natal Diagnostics, Nutrition & other genetic disorders. The growing sets of assays offer insights to treat the same condition for different population subsets for aiding improved outcome. We continually strive to assist physicians acquire an extra diagnostic support  to determine which drug is best suited for each patient and be able recommend the best course of treatment through:

• Transparent Reporting: Facilitated, keeping in mind, the needs of the medical professional for an easy identification and association of relevant clinical signs and symptoms. 

• Extensive support : Experienced professionals who are not only experts in their specialty but are also driven by the vision of quality and commitment remain accessible for any queries and interpretations.

• Faster turnaround: Time bound processing and reporting

Redefine our presence as a leading specialty life science company!!!!

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